Ghi vid/pid

I have a WSN mote platform I’m developing for a research project, and right now, I’ve just been using the FEZ Cerberus PID. However, I’d like to use a unique PID (since the port is rapidly diverging from FEZ Cerberus).

Does GHI have any spare PIDs I can snag? I just need one for the moment.

If not, does anyone have any ideas of a good way of dealing with this (I assume fairly common) problem?

Eh? Gus?

You can use the last (highest) PID for testing purposes but not to ship any products.

Even if your post is different, I do not see why you need a separate PID though!

All GHI NETMF products share the same pid.

So do you guys just use a different “Friendly name” for the devices? How do you distinguish a Hydra from a Cerberus?

yes only the name