GHI SDK 2015 R1 pre release 3 issue


I have a problem with communication over Ethernet with G400-D. In an earlier version of the SDK, I was able to communicate on the basis of units of milliseconds, but now request/response speed is based on tens of milliseconds. Usually I handle this request/response around 100ms.

I measured the length of sending data on the socket, and it takes at least 28ms. These are just a few bytes. So sending a query, acceptance of the other device and send a reply is theoretically at least 56ms, which is in reality worse.

Communication on the UART and Ethernet is stable but at the expense of speed on Ethernet.

Please advice about how to speed up communication (if there is any hidden switch in the SDK), or a solution. My entire application is based on communication over Ethernet and UART, and if does not work, it’s a problem.

Using an older version of the SDK is not possible because the UART communication causes instability and eventually crash the entire electronics and its restart.

Thank you and kind regards
Eduard Tomasek

@ xtomas22 -

There is an improvement about the speed of all network interfaces (Ethernet, ENC, Wifi), but unfortunately you have to wait for next SDK.

@ xtomas22 - you’re not alone, I’m facing exactly the same issues!

@ andre.m - If it’s unusable, then stability doesn’t really matter :wink:

We hope the Ethernet speed(ENC) will be increased significantly because right now the speed is comparable with UART what is not so convincing.

No, faster but still stable, I think

How long before the next update will be provided? Best guess will work for me.

@ elissard -

It is here. This SDK release will help you, I think