GHI Sales: Storage box by itself

Start selling the storage box by itself. I already have too many joysticks, and I would rather get the DP than the SP with my next board, but I would like another storage box.

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You don’t want those, you want some of these.

and of course my favorite anti-zombie/TSA storage case (they would never think to look in here) and which apparently you can only get in Japan now, a purple and pink Plano 1363

Got’em all and they work rather nicely, but might I suggest starting off with the Plano 1374

@ Duke Nukem - With all modules you keep buying you will need those monster size boxes :slight_smile:

The small blue ones are nice for when I travel. I can pack up a subset of my rather extensive collection and then slide it in my laptop bag or suitcase. Depends on if I want to sit in the airport fiddling with a bunch of circuit boards and wires. :wink:

There’s a reason you can only get them in Japan… :wink:

I too would like to be able to order the boxes. They are great for stashing small projects in to either get off my desk or to transport to user group meetings.

Great googly-moogly, Duke, but that’s a LOT of fasteners in that second pic!

And I have to LOL at the purple and pink box…finally somebody’s got one that’s even less manly than my purple and green box that Pete’s always teasing me about. :wink:

But when you travel you want to give the TSA guys something to really dig their teeth into, so they don’t get bored (I couldn’t and or wouldn’t do their job for all the money in the world) so I like to check in a big old suitcase full of Gadgeteer stuff and then I know I’m going to open it up and find one of those nice TSA search cards (I like it when they search my stuff as they do a better job packing it then I do, so it cuts down on the wrinkles etc). I think I’m going to build a gadget with a light sensor, so when they open the case its starts playing a movie explaining how to use Gadgeteer to build devices (might want to be careful about what kinds of devices however if I want to stay on my flight :))

Oooh! You just gave me an idea. What would be really fun would be to have it automatically start recording video & sound when they open it :smiley: