GHI parts library for EAGLE CAD

Can the guys from GHI share with us the “GHI parts library” used in EAGLE CAD’s schematics and pcb drawings, please?

I’ve always just used the individual items from the design files that have been released with the hardware - certainly in the Mini/Domino/Panda case that’s all available, not so sure about Cobra or EMX module.

Creating custom parts take much time when it comes to footprint makeup, so I am thinking of GHI sharing the parts library with the comunity. I think they have about 50 custom parts like JST connectors, etc.

I successfully converted SparkFun’s parts library into Pulsonix CAD and love it, since the guys share most of the parts we all use in prototyping, thus making my own shields and extension boards will be an easy task without spending hours of precious time for adding each custom item. :wink:

P.S. If I knew how to export all parts library specs from Cobra or Domino schematics EAGLE files I would not ask for the library file.

Sorry we can’t share the library as it has hundreds of parts and most are for internal use…no worries, you can extract them from the design files.

I forgot how but there is a scrip or something in EAGLE to extract a library tight from a design. Try to search for this on the EAGLE website or google it

Gus, thank you for your reply. Will see if I can extract parts directly.

Are you guys going to make open FEZ Panda II files?

Hi Gus,

a small question for GHI. We are making a wiki on how to make your own board design using Eagle. We can ofcourse extract the library file for the ghi chipsets from your reference designs (or use the ones from npx directly).

But is it allowed to add them to the wiki. So just the library files for the components for the usbizi, emx, etc (just your chipsets)?




Gus, you can create a new lib in Eagle, then drag all the “public” parts from your lib into the new lib. :slight_smile:

Yes but I do not see the benefit. Of course anyone can simply do that if they really want to.


I did try to use a script that came with Eagle to create a lib from a schematic + board. It worked sort of. Gave things funny names and exported WAY more parts than where actually was on the Panda… :). But it worked…

Note: We can’t drag and drop it out of the Schematic, you can’t only drag/drop between libs…