GHI OSH SDK source code

Where is the GHI OSH SDK source code available?

I can’t find any links on the wiki, and a quick search of the forums didn’t reveal anything either.

Also, how do we go about pushing changes back into the codebase? It sounds like there’s a lot of work to do on the project!

I’m doing a port of the Hydra/SAM9RL64 solution in the PK to a handheld device with the ubiquitous Sharp 4.3" 24-bit LCD, 32 MB of 32-bit-addressed DRAM and 32 MB of flash. Should be able to handle almost anything you toss at it!

Hardware design files soon to come!

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Is this what you are looking for: ?

Nope. That’s just the Gadgeteer code that wraps up the needed NETMF.Hardware calls to make the modules easier to use.

I’m looking for the code in the GHIElectronics.OSH.NETMF.Hardware namespace.

In other words – the C#-to-C Interop code that implements all the target processor’s features, like PWM, serial communications, etc.

It looks like the OSH SDK is missing things like a parallel port, a real-time clock, pin timer functions, CAN, one-wire, etc – I’d be interested in implementing some of that functionality (especially real-time clock and one-wire stuff).

In addition, I plan on developing a platform-specific API for board-specific peripherals (hardware mp3 decoder, or a CC1000 wireless transceiver, or a CMOS image sensor or an AC97 or i2S audio codec, for example) into a set of classes that would work similar to GHI’s classes. This would provide C#-friendly access to those devices without using RLP.

Is that the right way to go about doing this?

Yes that code is on gadgeteer codeplex.

Found it – it was in the PK area of the distribution. Didn’t expect it to be there. Time to get to work!