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GHI on Embedded World 2011 exhibition


For those of you who havent heard, GHI will be an exhibitor on Embedded World 2011 :). This event takes place in Nuremberg, Germany on 1-3 March. Also Microsoft will be there showing Micro Framework.

I wonder what can we expect to see on GHI stand. Any sneak peek ? :slight_smile:


Grrrr finally something “close to me” in europe, 5 hours travelling… grr :frowning:


For me it’s 700 km… Won’t miss it for the world though :wink:


We look forward to meet you guys in person. Do not worry about traveling, I am sure we can get you a gift for coming to see us.


Those free boards are just too much :wink:


Lucky buggers, getting to go to Europe for “work”.

When are you guys coming to the midwest?!


Even Midwest could be hours away… T_T

Downside for living in a big country…


I am yet to see an embedded exhibition in Australia. (Or have I been living under a rock?)

EDIT: Ok maybe there is something:
National Manufacturing Week 2011 on the 24-May-2011 in Melbourne.

Can we expect a GHI visit?
(Sorry for hijacking this thread).


I will be there, just a hour away for me.


The exhibition is over. Thank you GHI for including Europe in your 2011 roadshow :slight_smile: It was a great pleasure meeting you Gus in person! Micro Framework booth was one of the most friendly and generous places in the whole exhibition (regardless of small size). Me and my friend ended up with Panda II and one other NET MF board from competition :wink: I hope we can expect you guys next year as well as more tinyclr members attending :slight_smile: Maybe you can hook up with Microsoft for better visibility ?


This is our first time at EW and GHI was very busy wit new website/products so I was the only one there but next year it will be much better as we have learned a lot from this trip.

It was my pleasure to meet with you and I look forward to give you another gift next year :slight_smile: Maybe a monkey t-shirt since you like the monkey like I do!


Monkey t-shirt is something i would definitely add to my geek cloth collection that i keep away from my girlfriends sight :smiley: