Ghi netmf sdk 4.2

An official announcement is coming soon, but, the non-Beta 4.2 SDK is up on the Support page.

Please let us know if you have any last second comments.


Installed GHI software and USB drivers installed just fine on my Win7 box.

Yea… I mentioned that from the last RC as well.


Is there a list of changes from the last RC to the release?


Still no love from Win8 for me.

And manual driver update is not working (for both WinUSB and NETMF_Interface folders).

@ mhectorgato - We will keep looking. So far all our windows 8 machines work fine, in expect for the boot loader. Hope fully a windows update will take care of this soon!

Speaking of that, do you have the latest updates? I am sure you do but just double check.

Added this page GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

OK. I’m up to date with my updates.

Unfortunately, even with this last SDK version, I always have the IPAddress problem with WiFi_RS21 module.

I have updated the firmware of my FEZ Spider, and created a new project. Here is my code:

void ProgramStarted()
	if (!wifi_RS21.Interface.IsOpen)

	if (!wifi_RS21.Interface.NetworkInterface.IsDhcpEnabled)


	wifi_RS21.Interface.WirelessConnectivityChanged += new WiFiRS9110.WirelessConnectivityChangedEventHandler(Interface_WirelessConnectivityChanged);
	wifi_RS21.Interface.NetworkAddressChanged += new NetworkInterfaceExtension.NetworkAddressChangedEventHandler(Interface_NetworkAddressChanged);

	WiFiNetworkInfo[] ScanResp = wifi_RS21.Interface.Scan("MY_NETWORK_SSID");
	if (ScanResp != null && ScanResp.Length > 0)
		wifi_RS21.Interface.Join(ScanResp[0], "MY_NETWORK_PASSWORD");

void Interface_WirelessConnectivityChanged(object sender, WiFiRS9110.WirelessConnectivityEventArgs e)
	Debug.Print("WirelessConnectivityChanged event!");
	Debug.Print("Connected: " + e.IsConnected);
	Debug.Print("IP Address : " + wifi_RS21.Interface.NetworkInterface.IPAddress);

void Interface_NetworkAddressChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
	Debug.Print("NetworkAddressChanged event!");
	Debug.Print("IP Address : " + wifi_RS21.Interface.NetworkInterface.IPAddress);

The output is:

Using mainboard GHI Electronics FEZSpider version 1.0
RS9110 firmware version Number is 4.4.5
RS9110 driver version Number is 4.4.5
WirelessConnectivityChanged event!
Connected: True
IP Address :

Is there any change to solve this annoying problem?

I’m not able to drag & drop ENC28 module on designer with Cerberus. It says “- A required Library could not be found”. Is the Ethernet ENC28 compatible with Cerberus?

@ jango_jas - Yes it works with the cerb family - what is the missing library?

This is normal. Please see this

In-Field update in next release! Sweet!

I just updated the Spider, Hydra and Cerb and all went as smooth as butter. Thank you GHI!

@ Gus, I know you guys have just released this, so no pressure just so you know someone is interested, I am looking forward to the code drop on codeplex of the latest updates to the firmware for the Hydra. My J-Link will be arriving on Monday/Tuesday so I am keen to play a bit.

I’m a bit late in the game, but Just updated my Spider to 4.2 and updated everything in VS. Converted my project from C# to VB and with the help of a recompiled Glide, it seems mostly back up and running :slight_smile:

Great. Now to making some cool games :slight_smile: