GHI motherboards

I am using a rhino board right now and it is working fine but I am short on memory and speed seems slow.

What boards could be suggested that have more memory and faster throughput.


Cobra(EMX) or even better - ChipworkX.

the Cobra has a lot more memory but is not faster.

I think Gus has always wanted to meet someone who could legitimately use the memory on their Fez :slight_smile:

Yes, that is flash memory :slight_smile: I am still waiting to see the embedded code that fills 148KB!!

Well, I dont think my problem is program space.

I am loading employees badges into memory and it says I have 17k free.

My bigger problem is that is seems soooo slow.

I am thinking maybe i need to stay away from hash tables for storing structured day and just use arrays.

I am worried about have having a quick retrieval of a record in a batch of 1000.

The display on the RHINO is slow but I am not worried about that.


ChipworkX has SQLite database built in. It will be near immediate to fetch quires on thousands of entries.

what does “seems slow” mean? how long does it take to do a lookup?

a serial search could take a long time. with a hash table it should fast on the 72mhz boards.

yes hashtables shouldn’t be a problem, we use several of them in our latest product… The biggest one at this moment has got around 600 records in it and the key is even string bassed, but no speed problems. The items are of class that has got around 15 properties and 2 of them are also hash tables.

Ow we are running all our projects on EMX modules. I have been doing some testing with the chipwork modules and ofcourse the sql lite database is handy for some functions (but for most of our products the chipworks module is still a bit to expensive to be a good option for our customer).

As for your project, i have done a simular. WIth an rfid reader. The reader would return a string bassed rfid card id. I loaded the card/person info from an xml file and stored the objects in a hashtable with the rfid id as the key for the item (so also as string). Worked like a charm. Just feed the string id from the rfid reader to the hash and you get the object very fast. The biggest issue with this project was (not really a issue) that xml reading and saving is so god damm slow…