GHI loves their employees, too!

Nice! I’m going to have to talk to my boss :wink:


And yet the forum is still active and buzzing with information. Even on Christmas Day, I can ask about Frequency Shift Keying, and get an answer.

If only you were as cool as us!

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So what is the definition of closed :wink: it might as well say "the shop is closed but we are all so dedicated that we just cant stay away from the forum :dance:

Perhaps Gus holds onto all of the Christmas bonuses until after the holiday :wink:

there is a lot of time in lieu coming at my end after Christmas I can tell you ::slight_smile:

Isn’t time in loo proportional to the indulgence of Christmas food?

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Well both are pretty much inevitable…

And I like the fact that my 4 year old bilingual son had to translate the meaning of greedy to my misses…

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Some of us are just too much of a nerd to let go even for a few days :slight_smile:

[EDIT] And GHI dangled a big carrot with the latest SDK and I just could not resist installing it and getting the PPP tested. A few hours well spent. (PS it’s been running all night and sending data without a hitch)