GHI is a bunch of pranksters!

HI Everyone,

Please look at the pictures below and help me out. Someone put this on my desk while I was in the lunch room, can anyone tell me why? Have there been rumors around the forum that we are experimenting with enclosures to hold our displays? Any “leads” that you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated. :wink:

Somebody at GHI is testing the new 3D printer perhaps?

@ Gary -

I think I saw ianlee with that in his woodworking shop. Just a 2D hand router used.

@ Architect - I think that is a purchase I would have known about. :think:

He brought it all the way up to MI and was able to get into my office without me noticing, that Ianlee is good.

@ Gary - A personal 3D printer?

What that other part is made of? Foam?

They seem to be the same material, the front piece that covers the display looks like it went through a “polishing” process.

@ Architect - if this came from a personal 3D printer then the quality has really improved, the back piece is pretty sturdy and looks professionally done.

I lay no claim to that sloppy 3D print. :wink: I like where you’re going, though.

@ ianlee74 - who doesn’t need a little yoda in their life!

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Is that the Hello World of 3D printing?

Apparently, everyone does. Every time I print one I end up getting talked out of it :smiley:

I think that would be this guy…