GHI Insider posts included in RSS

Guys - I noticed that the GHI Insider posts are included in the RSS feed. I could read an entire post just fine, but got the ‘no permission’ error when I clicked on the RSS link to the original item.

Also, here’s one vote for getting rid of this “exclusive” forum. If you need this functionality, do it some other way, outside of tinyCLR. It just doesn’t feel right, considering your recent open source efforts. Thoughts anyone?


Thank for pointing this out!

Why this doesn’t feel right? This is more open not more close! We are sharing more not less, just trying to keep it limited because of all the reasons you know.

used the +1 feature…

transparency is number one priority for me…
either you make the GHI Insider thread the way no one notices ever,
or its fully readable for us too…

I didn’t notice before that there is a secret area on the forum before this new version. For sure the fact is that people always want to see what there is hidden behind restricted area…

[quote]either you make the GHI Insider thread the way no one notices ever,
or its fully readable for us too…[/quote]

So if it is completely hidden, then how do you know there is another area that you maybe interested in joining?

It is a tease to see something and not have access to it but no one said you couldn’t get in…and that is what we are working on.

for the reason leforban mentions…

Ah, okay. Maybe you could clarify the purpose of this new forum.

we are actually able to get in there?
seems like no one outside the “secret area” forum topic thing knows that. :slight_smile:

how are we able to get in there ?

thanks for clarification :slight_smile:

Gus, there is nothing wrong with what you’re trying to do. As long as it works as expected… You obviously know the risks when it doesn’t :wink:

Josh answered this before, the purpose is to give you more info!

Who all is able to read the threads? I keep getting a “permission denied” message when trying to read 'em.

Is there a certain forum status “king”, “hero”, ect that one needs to attain to be granted permission?

As far as the desire of giving more info – I’m all about that!!

Gotcha … I missed that.

How do i join the Club? i wan to get the inside scoop and get involved please. if you think I’m worth it :wink:

@ Jay Jay
Last time I heard you have to pay an undisclosed amount of money and sign some documentation, atleast one of them being a Non Disclosure Agreement.

@ Jay - Gus hasn’t officially announced the details yet.

I see, i just noticed few folks form the board already enjoy access so i figured I’d ask…

I just noticed the Insider posts are also listed in the “points earned” status from the main page too…

they are listed as they are in fact part of the point system and activity. But clicking on them will not reveal the thread.