GHI in space?

I wonder if I could get Gus to send me to space when the time comes if I promise to wear a GHI shirt.


May be if the shirt is large enough so one could see it from earth ::slight_smile:

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Are saying Gary is fat?! :whistle:

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GHI has t-shirts?

“One of these days, Alice, Pow! Straight to the moon.”

They used to. I think its time to bring them back!

Can you imagine being the guy that wrote the PID loop for that landing? Talk about job satisfaction!

@ ianlee74 - Probably not the same guy that wrote this one:[url] VIDEO: SpaceX Rocket Crashes Onto An Ocean Barge - YouTube

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@ skeller - I love Elon’s response to that landing. RUD. SpaceX's rocket landing test was a big success, despite the fiery explosion (update: video) | Engadget


He’s not fat, he’s just big boned :stuck_out_tongue:

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And the lists just keep growing and growing!

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In space, upside down is normal.


The question is whether he’d pay for the return trip.

And that is a very good question that I should ask Gus!