GHI Gadgeteer Modules on

I just discovered Amazon is now carrying GHI Gadgeteer modules. Finally, I don’t have to pad my order with spring clamps to get free shipping! :smiley:

Prime account: “Get it by Wednesday, Nov 30 if you order in the next 6 hours and choose one-day shipping.”

How can you hate that? ;D

I ordered yesterday using standard free shipping and it will be here Wednesday. I think I paid a couple dollars more than ordering from GHI directly, but I’d rather spend it on an extra module than on shipping costs :slight_smile:

Prime is the way on Amazon!

The modules are resold by CSMicro, which has two prices for the same module (extender example below). If you go with the ‘fulfulled by Amazon with free Prime shipping’, the module jumps from $4.95 (GHI’s retail price) to $6.95 ??? Why? Maybe some complicated distribution/pricing structure I don’t understand.

I see no benefit in doing this.

Mr. Skeptical

[edit] Don’t get me wrong - I love Amazon. Prime IS awesome. Got a Kindle Fire for my BDay (juz call me Turkey Boy) and there is a ton of “free” Prime content for it.

To bump my order over the $25 mark to get free shipping. Better to spend $6.95 and get an extra extender than to spend $5 and just get shipping. Of course, if you have Prime this isn’t an issue.

There are a lot of benefits to having amazon fulfill the order, but you still need to cover the cost for such services. Amazon requires you to pay for order handling, pick & pack, weight handling, and inventory storage.

I am an Amazon Prime customer, but I will not be using Amazon to buy GHI stuff.

Basically, I want to support GHI. If I spend a few extra bucks, and GHI makes a few extra bucks I am happy.

When Gus gets his Ferrari I might reconsider.

Reminded me of this ;D