GHI gadgeteer board waved around by Hanselman at Connect Live event

@ 3:52ish


@ 3:58 Fez Raptor demo’d on a RC truck…


Beat me to it!!

They showed the same setup earlier, but didn’t attribute to GHI.

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Did he say the ‘Gadgeteer’ word?

Apparently I had a dental appointment this morning, so I’m just sitting in the waiting room now.

I think he only referenced GHI.

There are a couple of threads regarding this topic and this is one of the reasons I think we have the best community, your passion for NETMF, your passion for Gadgeteer and your passion for the ecosystem itself, whether it is GHI or Oberon or each other, it doesn’t seem to matter, everyone supports everyone else. So, I personally would like to say “thank you” for making this the best community!


@ andre.m - From the image contest, I think around Christmas of 2012, I can’t remember the exact dates that we had it.

@ andre.m - LMAO, I forgot about that, the proverb you were so kind to share with me! :smiley:

  • edit * I need to go pull that image from the inbox.

@ andre.m - I will photoshop a FEZ onto the monkey and sent it back to you. 8)

@ andre.m - lol, I will do my best.

And every so often we get to laugh at your non-rotated pictures :stuck_out_tongue:


@ Dave McLaughlin - Why am I not shocked my your post, I will be looking for your next order Dave but I do appreciate your contributions to the community! ;D

I think you will be doing this for awhile.


@ Architect - It just made me feel better to say it…lol