GHI G120 with WiFi RS21 - Create a endpoint?


Is it possible to create a endpoint/service on the G120 that something can call into?

For example, I would like to have a app call the G120 and get some data.

Could someone point me to an example, a search has only turned up netduino stuff :confused:


This is .NET so most examples of listening sockets will apply to any NETMF device. The only exception are the couple lines of code needed to initialize the Wi-Fi module.


There are examples in GHI Codeshare for webservers:

Alternatively, you can likely port the Gadgeteer webserver:

Also there are also 3rd party webservers:

An example of this:

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Thanks guys! Apparently my searching skills are weak… I was thinking more endpoint/service than webserver…

+1 to both of you