GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2015 R1

We are excited to announce the release of the GHI Electronics NETMF SDK 2015 R1. We have spent many months making both major and minor updates to provide a very stable and user friendly SDK. These updates include but are not limited to; added G30, G80, G120E firmware, added product pin mappings to GHI.Pins, many fixes and improvements to G400 firmware, added PulseFeedback and reading/writing device configuration, along with improvements to the cellular radio module driver and several small bug fixes.

There are a few improvements that have not made their way into this 2015 R1 SDK. These will be added to the 2015 R2 release, scheduled for this coming November. A list of coming updates can be found at

In this SDK we also include the 4.1 and 4.2 SDKs, however, please note that it is not recommended to use these SDKs nor are they officially supported.



Yoohoo GHI :clap: :clap:

Try now, I accidentally only made it visible to employees, sorry about the confusion.

Now I can see it. :slight_smile:

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You spend like half a year releasing betas for R1 and now you schedule R2 in two months :open_mouth: This tinybooter update nightmare is never going to end…

@ Simon from Vilnius - R2 is totally optional and up to you, but R1 is a must have. The linked document shows what will likely be in R2.

Add CDC over USB to G30. Ideal for Scratch on BrainPad.


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I did that just for you, I wanted to make sure you had something to gossip about! :whistle:


You will get a preview much sooner than then. We have it working already.


@ Gary @ Gus you guys have been rocking, software and hardware releases by the bucket!!! Its very clear that summer vacations were cancelled this year at GHI.


[em]Improved Hub AP5 PWM generation[/em].

Improved it how? Does it have a greater frequency range?

[em]Added support for rotating the DisplayN18.[/em]

Woohoo! 90 degree increments, or arbitrary? :smiley:

[em]Improved DistanceUS3 and Music module reliability.[/em]

I thought the DIstanceUS3 Module was no longer supported… is it in 4.3 now?

[em]Improved Fez Narwhal image recognition functions [/em]

Does it recognize faces correctly now?

@ mtylerjr -

All discontinued modules were re-added to the SDK, but remain unsupported. There were a few small fixes we made to those two modules. See and

The DisplayN18 supports rotation in 90 degree increments only.

Hub AP5 PWM generation was improved by using more of the available clock sources. See

Music module got discontinued? That’s surprising. I hope there’s another module coming to take it’s place.

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I would like just to clarify G400 SDK versions.

SDK 2015 R1 G400 versions are: Firmware Loader

last SDK G400 pre-release version were the same(if I am not wrong): Firmware Loader

Does it mean there is no change from last SDK pre-release, where the same versions were used?
So does it mean that it is not necessary to update G400 boards previously updated to last SDK pre-release?

@ mhstr - Correct. This release just changed the name from 2015 R1 Pre-Release 4 to 2015 R1 and combined the release notes. No firmware or other changes are present.

Can’t see anything in the release notes but I assume this has the fix for PPP that you discovered when not using the cellular modem, ie, other modems (SIM5320)?

@ Dave McLaughlin - the fix is scheduled for R2. See the link got planned updates please.

My bad. I missed that link.

November is a long way off for this project. :frowning:

I hope I can try and stall at least the PPP part until then. I can do SMS for the time being.

I installed the preview just last week, and today I had to uninstall it to update to the R1. Funny bad timing.

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Do I need to update my devices to use this new SDK?