GHI Electronics 2.0 and Tech Talk 1 Year Anniversary - 053

We describe the past year and the new developments taking place at GHI Electronics. We also talk about the direction it’s all heading.


Thanks Greg & Guss,
Interesting update on whats been happening and how things are really coming together.
I must admit I was a bit worried back in the days when Microsoft dropped MF, and I thought, oh, well there goes all my boards and efforts in c#.
So I was really pleased when you guys picked up the ball and developed Tiny CLR, and now 12 months later, things really seem to be going in the opposite direction (=>forwards) than I was thinking back then!

So that’s for all your efforts and your work in Education is commendable, really be cool to teach kids this stuff!!



You’ve definitely lost a lot of weight and look much healthier! Well done man.

ETA: Also I think we are in a much better position, as a community, than we were back when I first bought a GHI product (Raptor). Things have come a long way since then and many “good things” have happened!