GHI Demo for Fez Cobra

I have now have a FEZ Cobra in my .NetMF device collection and I want to restore the GHI Demo that shipped on it. The version on the projects site is for the Chipworkx platform. Is this downloadable somewhere?


You will need to change small parts in the code. It works for cobra too.
Have a look at the code. You will see some chipworkx specific stuff, comment it out.

Also set debugging to cobra.

I thought I had found and fixed everything but it would’t deploy. Just sat there until I got an error. I’ll look at it again.

I had it works on my cobra without altering anything.

I used this one
(link removed)

By the way, have you update your Cobra Firmware to the latest version yet, since you got your Cobra?

Just in case, if you haven’t update your firmware.
FEZ Cobra have different procedure to update the firmware.
Here is the video, show how to update Cobra firmware:

[url]- YouTube


My firmware is up to date … On my first attempt it
complained about the mp3 code which isn’t present on the Cobra. I also had to remove the reference to the Ghi…Chipworkx assembly.

It compiled but didn’t deploy. Haven’t had a chance to really investigate it.

I think there is four references to ChipworkX that I remmed out.

The MP3 and the acccelerometer both reference the chipworkx …

Cheers Ian

Perhaps if you get it working for cobra you could upload it to the wiki for other users to use in the future?

I’ll do it tonight when I get home!!!

I’ve forgotten to take my cobra home with me (I have two ) I’ve adjusted the demo and I’ll post it tomorrow after I’ve tested it

Cheers Ian