GHI Camera Modul - how to Control shuttter speed and white balance

I am new in .net gadgeteer. I would like to use the camera modul, which comes with the GHI spider kit.
Can I set shutter speed and white balance by source code?
Where do I find explanation of all functions I can use for the camera modul in Visual Studie C#? Where are the functions explained, which provided with the camera’s library?

Thanks in advance for your reply.
I want to use the camera modul to take pictures with constant settings.

Welcome to the forum!

The camera module has no shutter speed adjustment, and if there is any white balance it is automatic.

The only parameter you can select is resolution. The focus is also manual.

The best way to see the available functions, in the camera module class, is to build a project and use intellisense or the object browser.

Thanks Mike, this answered my question.