GHI Bootloader Interface Virtual Com Driver doesn't always work


On the Panda II,
has anybody experienced problems with the driver for the virtual serial interface for the GHI bootloader?

Sometimes the driver starts, sometimes it doesn’t.
Sometimes it helps restarting the panda a few times (like “lots of times”)
and other times we have to reboot the entire system.

Never disconnect a panda while COM port is open

It happens when we take a new panda out of the box as well?

Anyway, what happens if you do?
For example , now I’ve been doing the LDR/RST procedure like 10 times,
sometimes no device shows up, other times I get the device could not be started status.

If you had a device connected and COM open and disconnected a device then you will cause many problems to the OS… even if you bring a new device it wouldn’t matter…the system si already unstable and need a reset.

That makes sense, I’ll keep it in mind. Thnx

A side note though:

From the documentation:

R Runs firmware. Exits GHI boot loader mode and forces running USBizi firmware.

This in fact disconnects the device while the COM port is still open,
so perhaps it should not be used.