since 25th GDPR is active to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy

It applies also to GHI since you process and hold personal data of data subjects residing in the EU

i am surprised to read nothing until now from GHI

It may be on their website. I am sick of the emails this last 2 weeks. You don’t necessarily have to send anything to your clients if the information is available on your website.

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We have been discussing best options. Thanks for the pointer.

Actually, if you want GHI to delete your user data, you can just send them an email asking them to do so. I should know. I’ve done it in the past :slight_smile:

I’m very tired too, I’ve 235 mails about this devastating gdpr-virus … Each mail require different attention to confirm/deconfirm, simply read, accept, decline or whatever …
UE is the biggest creation of the burocracy monsters guru…

what you describe as “virus” could cost a company a lot of money and is the first time to define and expand user rights

it looks like you did not understand what this means for you as user, customer and human, it protects YOU and YOUR DATA

Reason of GDPR
Is to keep evidence for them (logs)
and not allowed third party’s company using them.

But there’s a hidden trick (when GDPR trying to catch companies) when you collect as much more info

For example users ip (this should be forbbidden,cockies of the website to store on client browser,…)

Reason is protection of users personal data this may affect globally much more on companies such are Apple ,Google,Facebook and similiar who throught users personal data created different alorithme for …