Getting unique ID from mainboard / chip

Hello, do we have a way to obtain the unique id which represents the board (or main cpu)? I’m using the FEZ Duino and the SCM20100E SOM module. Usefull for identification purposes.

This is a very good request. Added Unique ID · Issue #689 · ghi-electronics/TinyCLR-Libraries · GitHub

Nice. Thank you!

If I have the correct data sheet there is a 96bit unique ID at address 0x1FF1 E800. Marshal.ReadInt32() throws an error if you try to read those addresses.

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We will just expose it for you in a nice API

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Maybe this is somewhere already but the SitCore Model number and revision as well as firmware version would be helpful. In my case they would be displayed through the UI to assist in troubleshooting and support issues down the road.


it has been added for next release.

you cant read this address by Marshal.

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That was fast!! Thank you!

That was fast! Now that I am aware of the DeviceInformation class, what is Version? Mine comes back as 562949953429312.

@Greg_Norris is this in docs somewhere? If not I want to learn more about it as well :slight_smile: