Getting started with OSHW


I hope I am not repeating a question that has been asked 1000 times before. I feel like I am finding my legs with the .NETMF stuff and would like to delve more deeply into the core framework. My questions are as follows.

[ul]What would be the best OSHW platform to go with Hydra or Cerberus?[/ul]
[ul]What tooling/additional hardware would I require to be able to recompile and deploy the core .NET MF to the device?[/ul]
[ul]What tooling is required to recompile and deploy the GHI OSHW Libraries[/ul]

I am primarily interested in the unmanaged side of things.



On top of the page. Support->Resources->Beginners guide to porting …

@ Mike - :slight_smile: Thanks Mike. I had seen that right in the beginning but completely forgot about it.

Thanks for pointing me to the document.

Depends on just how patient you are :slight_smile: Hydra is much more stable than Cerberus because it has been around longer. Cerberus is getting up to par quickly and is much cheaper. If you’re desire to understand the firmware includes a desire to contribute to fixing bugs, then I’d encourage you to give the Cerberus a whirl :slight_smile:

I’m a bit confused as to why the beginers guide to porting is frequently referenced in regards to STM32F4 based boards (like Cerberus), I see this countless times in the threads (including some reply’s to my questions). If you go through that guide you will just end up frustrated as none of the firmwares (GHI’s, Netduino’s, Oberons) none of them will compile based on those instructions…

Or am I missing something…the replies are often in reference to people indicating they are beginers…like this thread so I think its a fair assumption they:

  1. Won’t have the commercial software required
  2. Won’t have the skill to fix the compile issues under GCC

Correct me if I am wrong…but it won’t help anyone if they spend all the time to set this up (per the porting guide) to just be confronted with 100+ compile errors

Not right. Our firmware will compile just fine. If you use GCC then use the hydra firmware.

As mentioned in my response, my comment was specific to STM32F4 boards (Since the thread focused more on Cerberus)
Am I wrong when I say that won’t compile based on the Beginers Guide to Porting (which focuses on GCC)?

Correct. There is a very long thread and a lot of work that was done already for GCC. You may want to take a look and possibly contribute to it.

@ ianlee74 - Thanks, that makes sense and I definitely would be looking to submit potential feature enhancements, so I will take a look at the Cerberus as you have suggested. My hesitance and actually the primary reason for posting this question was regarding the platform selection (Hydra vs Cerberus), I was concerned that I might run into memory constraints with Cerberus if I used GCC.

@ lawrence_jeff - Thank you for vocalizing that, I went and read the ‘Beginners Guide to Porting’ and my major concern after reading that was whether the info applies to the GHI offerings since it all seems to be around some other board that is custom made. And given my lack of experience with this type of hardware I am left with uncertainty.

I am not too concerned about the build process etc. C/C++ is the land I lived in for many years. It is the hardware side of things that concerns me, and was hoping for some direction. I was uncertain if I need to use JTag, how do I use JTag if I must etc. But from the document it seems that I will not require that, please correct me if I am wrong.

Forget I work for GHI, both boards (hydra and cerberus) will cost about $100 and will give you a lot more than $100 in value of source codes, libs and resources. If you want to dig into porting and want OSHW, I would get both. They are very different so you will surly have a good use for each one, sooner or later :slight_smile:

I hope I didn’t sound like a sales guy!

@ Gus - I appreciate your view on this, I guess the thing that I am unsure of is why would I need to port anything, that work has already been done by you guys. Have I incorrectly assumed that the GHI port is part of the OSHW? I thought, and I am starting to suspect incorrectly, that I would be able to take the existing port and use that as a starting point.

Yes hydra and cerberus are open

Excellent, thank you Gus. I will definitely be looking at getting started with this…