Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer finally available!

Sorry about the delay.

But the book is finally being shipped:

well done mate !

WooHoo! just purchased the Kindle Version. Looks good :slight_smile:

Got the kindle version too.

Brilliant - thanks for buying it!

I guess you haven’t see this post

Ah, sorry folk - should have searched first!

Incidentally, wish I could claim credit for the hand-drawings. They were made by an Artist at O’Reilly from photographs!

I can’t draw.


I love the hand drawings :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.

Reviews on Amazon are always appreciated - well unless they are bad ones :wink:


I started reading it yesterday. So far, so good!

I am sure the book is awesome. Just check the price on used copy’s :slight_smile:

Nice! Get 'em while they last! :slight_smile:


Good one :slight_smile:

Cheap at half the price :wink:

Watch out for the 3.99$ chipping costs.


Regarding your downloads here:

Can we share modifications to your code, just for fun for the community? If so, do you want a comment in the source pointing to the original author (I noticed these projects don’t have such commentary at the top)?


That would be great - if you feel like taking them and hosting them somewhere, then let me know the link and I’ll put that in place of the actual files.


HI there,
i checked out one of your projects ( WebMessenger) and I’m sure this applies to the other web related projects and noticed that you are setting up the webevent in the Network up event…

Doing so will cause the following issue:

if you lose network connection or unplug the cable and plug it back again… the web server will have TWO of the same webevent added and therefore will fire twice…when you call sketch… since gadgeteer doesn’t check if that webevent was already added to the list before it creates a new one… and i’m also wondering what would happen if you start the web server twice… i didn’t have a chance to test it but i suspect you’ll get an exception when the same server starts twice… try it and let us know…


i managed to get a few minutes to try it out for you and sure enough… there are issues:

basically if you unplug the cable and plug it back again… nothing works anymore meaning, if you hit refresh on your browser the page is never served… it just sits there waiting…

and yes i have the router set to reserve the IP for the spider so the IP is never changed…

i think this is a bug in Gadgeteer…