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Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer book


My latest book: ‘Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer’ is now available for pre-order. It should be shipping in about a month.

Its based on the Fez Spider starter kit.


Awesome - it’s so new, the link is busted :slight_smile:


Perfect :slight_smile:


Congrats Simon


LOL - copy and paste error. The link is fixed now :slight_smile:


Ordered my copy :slight_smile: Can’t wait to get it.



Just noticed there is not much detail on the Amazon site.

More information here:


@ Si

Any notion of whether a Kindle version is likely?

BTW - congrats! Pretty quick turnaround on a product that only shipped last fall. :slight_smile:


+1 on kindle version




Nice,do you have electric book like epub for IPAD?




+1 for Kindle. I’ll wait to order when that question is answered… Congrats!


O’Reilly are really good at electronic formats. I haven’t checked with them, but my IOIO book is available in Mobi, Epub and PDF and its on the Kindle store. It also has the advantage that it is out a few weeks before the paper one. Also in the electronic versions (apart from Kindle), the illustrations are color.


So where can we buy the electronic book?
Could you give us a link


Hi, this is the link for the book on O’Reilly web site.

Its not obvious to me how you buy an electronic copy from here without a subscription, but I think thats probably just because its not out yet. I guess pre-ordinging an electronic copy is a bit pointless, its not like they are going to run out of stock!

Also, they Say May on the website - but my understanding was that it would be sooner than that.


Why GUS does not publish some Non-free books. I will buy it.


@ Si
this book do not have the early release Ebook on the orally.
the link is a paper book.


This is not how we get your money :slight_smile: We get it by making you more cool FEZes.


Preordered mine :slight_smile:
18 - 23 Days delivery to Germany :slight_smile:
Going to read in mid july…