Getting started with ALFAT

Hello ALFAT community,
After reading through the user manual (Rev. 2.10) and looking through this forum I still cannot figure out how to accomplish the basic task I would like. I feel like I am missing something basic so if anyone could give some guidance that would be great.

I’m trying to read/write from an Excel file on a flash drive to a DSP. How am I to write the commands in my code for the read/write functions? Do I have to convert the letter to the ASCII format?

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Welcome to the Forum.

This is the model used by ALFAT:

When sending or receiving [em]data[/em] to or from a file, the data stream is packaged into known sized packets; consequently, no interpretation of that data is made. It can be ASCII it can be binary.

Other than the [em]data[/em] stream described above, all bytes transferred are printable ASCII and end-of-line characters.

As a simplified example:
[ol]after a file on your flash is opened (all dialogue in ASCII), to read 8 bytes of data (binary or ascii), you would send a read command that specified that you wanted 8 bytes.
ALFAT would acknowledge the request for data
then ALFAT would send back exactly 8 bytes.
If there were only 4 bytes left to read from the file, ALFAT would still send back 8
Since ALFAT follows each packet of data by the number of significant bytes in the packet, the host program would know to discard the 4 non-significant bytes.
Are you working with an ALFAT or investigating usage? If you have an ALFAT which product?

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for your prompt response. We are looking into using the ALFAT OEM board for our unit to store/transfer Excel data. Your product seems to be a very simple solution to this problem.

I just ordered an ALFAT evaluation kit so we will play around with that for a bit and come back here with questions.

Thank you,

@ shanemm - The Evaluation Kit is perfect for what you describe.

Once you use the Evaluation Kit, your questions will mostly be answered. I promise!