Getting smaller

Running NETMF 4.3.1 :slight_smile:


That’s not fair for older people who will need stronger glasses :-[

If I take my hand as reference, it’s not that small :whistle:

Is that the smallest NETMF board?

I want to know how many clones of Justin there are?

How do you find so much time to do all of this stuff?

I’ve just spent 4 weeks alone on an Android project build and only had a few minutes here and there to build and test the 5" LCD I’ve been working on. All the other projects are sitting gathering dust and I still have about 8 weeks of Android coding to do !! :frowning:

don’t feel sorry for him. He got a dream job for 2 days a week that lets him geek out on this stuff and get paid for it !


It is a hardship traveling to Cambridge, and it looks like i will be spending more time there in the new financial year…I guess i just need to man up and stop complaining :whistle:


Put in a good word for me!

Wow, just how small can we go? Does anyone know the absolutely smallest IC that could possibly run .NETMF?

Well, probably not :slight_smile: Justin may try mounting components on both sides of a 4-layer PCB… If he didn’t do that already.

Physically my guess is a WLCSP49 STM32F401CEY6TR at 3.06 x 3.06mm
The one above is 7 x 7mm

Who knows

But don’t do it!!! 4-layer board are evil for hobbyist application.

  1. Expensive!
  2. Impossible to make at home.

Why is it impossible to make at home? Unless you are talking about etching your own boards, which imo is not a typical hobbyist.

Yes, etching your own. In my country, it is more that typical.

With the packages getting this small it makes no real difference between 2 or 4 layers as the drills and traces are too small to do at home anyway…

Cheap and cheerful from China :wink:

Interesting! Learned something new today.

DFRobot for 4 layer. Hobby size boards are great value.

To give you an idea, I got a quote for a board a few weeks back and it cost $176 for 10 boards and they were 230 x 140mm so not exactly small but more than the sizes on the web so it needed a custom quote. My usual China supplier quoted me over $800 for the same 10 boards.

We have everything in house (in the basement somewhere) to etch pcb’s but still we use

And if you don’t need a rush order (like I really NEED this in 2 day’s and want to pay an extra 2500 € for 10 pieces (yes this is possible over there, with courier service etc…))

But if you have 2-3 week time these prices are really good.