Getting prompted for a password with ssh

I just tried to ssh to my board and get prompted for a password. I have no idea what that password could be though. I’m using image endpoint_image_B0120.2.20.24.img which I installed a week ago, and prior to that I was able to ssh without being prompted for a password.

The config tool lets me connect without a password.

I can see a “Change Password” option inf config too, when I try to use that it displays:


I have no idea what this is talking about and if it is safe to continue, will I break ability to debug and so on…

Also look:


It has my name in the userid, no idea how that got set…

The correct ssh command is : ssh root@

If you leave off the root@ part you will get the password prompt.

The other prompt regarding rsa credentials is unrelated and it’s safe to answer yes.

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