Getting more PWM with Spider

I am planning to control a few servos from Gadgeteer. I think they need pwm, Currently spider has only 6 pwm pins.
Is there a module I can use to get more than 6 pwms? I dont want to use because I think it will degrade performance & I wanted to keep the processor free for some other tasks.

Each IO60P16 module will add 60 IOs and 16 PWM to your spider.

Thanks a lot Gus. Looks like this is exactly what I want, Is there a driver available for this to use?

In progress by @ dobova and @ ianlee74

I have ordered the IO60P16 module and it arrived today.
I have one more question.
will I be able to operate 16 standard servos on this module at the same time, I mean will it be able to handle the required current? Someone was saying that if i try to opetare 16 servos on this it will destroy this module as the current requirement is very high and this will not be able to supply that. if that is true can I somehow provide extrnal power source on this board for the + & - pins next to the PWM?

Servos only use PWM as a signal, nor power source.

Go ahead, connect all 16 and do not forget to make us a video :slight_smile:

I would source my power from an external power source. As long as you connect your ground from the power source to the ground of the module you shouldn’t have any problems.

There is no way any of the currently available power supply modules can supply power to 16 moving servos ( assuming even minimal load ). you can run 2 maybe 3 tops before other modules ( mainboard ) will be starved of power. 16 servos -depending upon load - will draw between 3-16Amps. I doubt the 10pin cables would handle more than 3 or 4 before shedding their skin.

@ soldermonkey - agreed. I think Gus misunderstood the question :wink: The fact that the module has +5V & ground rails below the PWM pins makes this a tempting thing for someone to do…

I wasn’t clear. There is a power pin that is needed to power the servos. The module itself only supply the PWM signal only, not power so no harm to module if used 16 servos.

My bad… I learn something new about this module every day. I was thinking the middle row of pins was tied directly to +5V.

@ MJ1984 - So, if you connect your external power supply to the “V+” pin next to the PWM pins that ties directly to the middle row of pins below the PWM pins. The row of pins closest to the labels are the signal and the opposite pins are for ground. Unfortunately, these aren’t labeled.

See the datasheet:

Thanks a lot everyone. One more noob question :slight_smile: what is the use of 5V pin next to the V+ pin.
If i understand correctly i will leave this alone while connecting power to the servos & I will just use the V+ and GND.

sorry but I dont know much about electronics :(.

Thanks again for all your clarifications.

It’s there in case you need it for something. It can’t supply enough current to power 16 servos though :slight_smile: