Getting a Cerbuino to receive and respond to commands over a wifi network

Hi! This is my first post.

I am looking to build a sensor data logger that is available to be polled from a network. I am leaning strongly towards building this system around the Cerbuino board. What I would like is to somehow get the Cerbuino to join a local network so it can be polled remotely through a REST interface. I need to both get data out that has been logged, and send new commands to control its behavior based on its sensor input (it will control some relays).

I see two approaches

  1. Use the ethernet module (, and either wire it to a router (unlikely due to remote location in garage) or more ideally use a wireless bridge to join a network. I ultimately want it on wifi so this seems like a needless intermediary step with added cost for a bridge.
  2. Use an XBee wifi or other similar device in the xbee socket to go directly to the wifi network.

I’d prefer option 2, but I’m reading stuff about the xbee being a serial to wifi module, and the roving networks wifi module not being able to receive requests ( So my general question is, can these wifi boards listen on the network?

I’m pretty new to this stuff and what’s available. Can anyone help me make an informed decision?

Hi Morgan and welcome to the forum!

Check this thread from Pete Brown:

I am sure we will see very detailed blog post about that project on Pete’s site soon:

Thanks; I’ll look into the links you provided.

I also just found this, which looks like a really nice wrapper for the wifly that abstracts it out into standard HTTPResponse/Request objects: