Get your soldering irons ready

Well guys and gals, its time to get your soldering irons ready…well after we figure out where to get one, that is! I first saw this as a new screen addition in luxury cars such as the Jaguar, and I now think I need one. Samsung has a prototype TV already, but Jaguar has the ability without use of glasses:

Who wants to turn this into a module?

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@ James - Interesting, cost? :slight_smile:

The technology exists already quite some time.
I think Samsung and LG have screens with 11 or 13 different angels.
There is always one left then one right eye image. And if you have the right material, you can even ‘go around’ an object.
The problem was that if you move, the left and right eye images gets mixed up.
One of the two (samsumg or LG) solved this issue a couple of month ago (I read this in a computer Magazine, ct’).

I guess this would explain how shutter-less/battery-less 3D TV could work, but just seeing it used to display two totally different images made it seem flashier than it was. :wink: