Get the ambulance ready

It’s nearly ready and my youngest is going to make me eat some…


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That’s a Moruga Scorpion pepper. Try one of those I dare ya.

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I love spicy and eat peppers but I had a funny nibble of the scorpion pepper one time and I ended up crying like a little girl.


Unfortunately mine is hotter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

might be hotter, but not bigger. What are we talking about again? :rofl::rofl:

Scoville’s Poundy… Scoville’s :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

haha - sure :wink:

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My wife, being Indonesian, loves hot and spicy food and eats way too hot for me chili’s all the time. In Australia last year she tried a tiny piece of beef jerky made with the Carolina Reaper Chili. After the first few chews she said, “that’s not hot” and then a few seconds later the real heat kicked in and her eyes started to water and she grabbed the bottle of water on the table. Needless to say, she’s not tried it again and sticks to Indonesian chili’s instead (and they are bloody hot as it is)

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Doesn’t bode well as our plant is a Carolina Reaper :sweat:

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After watching my wife eat this teensy tiny piece and her reaction and the fact that she has been used to hot chili for decades, I’d say you are in deep doo doo territory.

I am calling for a video of this when the times comes for you to eat it.

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I had a try of a match head sized bit that was still green a couple of days ago and that only stayed in my gob a few seconds and that was a tad frightening…

I absolutely want to see that video.