Get 40% discount with higher ranks!

We want to continue to thank everyone for helping the community. We’ve added some new ranks called FEZ King, FEZ Legend and FEZ MVP. Each of these new ranks carries new benefits. Chris managed to get himself to be a FEZ Hero in a very short time! I wouldn’t be surprised if others can go all the way to MVP. These new ranks won’t be achieved quickly, but their benefits are worth it.

More details here: [url][/url]

Note that there are many ways to get extra bonus points: making projects, tutorials, videos, new drivers, adding to code exchange, etc. These methods will give you a lot of points so reaching higher ranks and getting all kind of free boards and free consulting should be easier.

Finally, I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to all the users who continuously check the forum and help others. At the rate this community is growing, GHI wouldn’t be able to keep up with every single post but we will continue trying our best. Your help is the way to getting everyone supported in this very exciting and dynamic community.

Looks fine, thank you guys. 8)

Where is the discount info? Guess I have ordered too soon, lol :smiley:

Very Cool. Hmm maybe i should spam the forums instead of read them every day. :smiley:

You can’t spam :wink: I know you are joking but we actively monitor the forum and we will simply delete the posts/poster’s account of anyone trying to take advantage of our generosity. Read the fine print on that page :smiley:

Anyway, you really can’t be a FEZ Legend by just posting, it will take ages. The points will come from code exchange and other methods. We are not asking you to do any extra work. Just share the drivers you have and receive points for doing so. It’s a win-win situation for the whole community. Plus, there are large chunks of points that come for nicer projects… just like we have been always doing.

Very nice, Gus. I was wondering if you would add ranks.

EDIT: I did actually have a question: I need some consulting done for a very tiny project, can I use 4 hours of my 16 hours since I have been a member for (at least I think) more than 6 months?

That may not be worded really well, ok, say I have been around for over 6 months, but less than a year and I am a FEZ Hero. Can I use 4 of my 16 hours, since I have enough rank, just not enough time?

If that makes any sense…?

Hmm found a button to push with Gus. Stag Stores that knowledge for later use.
:smiley: Of course it was a joke. Bonus points or not we are on the same page Gus.

Chris, we are very dynamic and nothing is etched in stone. You get less or more consulting is not as important as getting the job done. So, contact us directly and tell us how we can help you :slight_smile:

Awesome. I just need some advice on a small circuit. I’ll contact you privately with the details.

OMG I have a long way to go to MVP :frowning: Well if posting code gives points then I’ll do that instead.

It is actually long. Think about it…you are using the forum anyways and contributing code anyways so at some point you will start receiving free consulting hours and free/discounted boards from GHI. Now, if you want done overnight then yes this is very difficult but we do not want you to get all this overnight anyways :slight_smile: This of this like your credit score…it just gets better over some time

Very cool. Waiting to see the first MVP :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! You guys really know how to take care of your customers!

They sure do.

I feel a bit ripped off then. I’ve submitted 2 projects and one video and I still haven’t received any bonus points. Sorry for the wining. But I’d like to get my hands on a Fez Panda - pronto - At a discount of course. My up and coming UAV is crying out for it. ::slight_smile:

@ RJ: Even if you did have a lot of points and a big rank, you sill wouldn’t have a panda, it’s not even released yet!

Rj, where are your projects and video?



Note that code going in forum gets no points. Why? Because it will get lost in the first week it is posted. I see the one project com RJ but where is the second and the video?

How many points does one get for posting in the code library anyways? Is it going to be community driven? I.e. more “Thumbs up” equals more points?

I hope so, lol :smiley: