Generic HID responding to Get_Report from host

I got a USB Device code running as a Generic HID, its a Digitizer class
after connecting the device to PC, the HOST(PC) asks for a Feature Report (asks for report id 2)
which is in my descriptor (thats how i knows to ask)
i just need to repsond it it…

but the USB Client classes seem a little weak here

would be nice to have an event when the HOST polls me for a report, vs blind writing to a USB_Stream

so im stuck, if i cant respond to that request for a report, the device doesnt work
(the os is asking how many touch points on my digitizer i have)

anyone got any ideas?

Have you tested the descriptor I used in my HID example on Codeshare? I tested it on Windows XP and 7 with success.

its not the descriptor…

when the PC(HOST) SPECIFICALLY asks me for a report… i have to be able to send it back

i cant see to figure out how to know when the host is asking

i can do it no problem in other devices, just not in this netMF (FEZ PANDA II)