Generating the Config.HEX ready for deployment

Hi Everyone

I would like to know how to generate the Config.Hex file used by mfdeploy or the IFU. In fact, I’m not using the LCD so I set the Configuration as Configuration.LCD.HeadlessConfig. But when I am doing IFU with the Config.HEX available in the SDK, the config is lost and I would like no change in the config.

Is there a tool that allows to extract the portionof data corresponding to this hex file?



I do not think there is a straight forward way. But this is a good suggestion to the netmf core. Maybe post on to be added in future releases.

Hello Gus

Ouch, this is not a good news :-~

I believed this was something already done by other users… I will ask on codeplex…



Please vote on Codeplex for this request :slight_smile:

No news or it seems there’s not interest in this request on codeplex. However, I think this would be pretty easy to achieve. Do you know if the mfdeploy tool is open source?

The MFDeploy tool is part of the NETMF sources from CodePlex.

Ok I will then search on on the codeplex source. The bad thing is that it takes a big while to explore it. Is it normal? (codeplex is overloaded?) is there an alternative solution (git? svn?)


@ leforban - You can Download the whole source code as zip file.
Go to: ‘Source Code’ and then click ‘Download’ just next to the ‘Follow’ link.
Then you can browse and search it on your local computer.

And yes. It’s verry slow lately to browse code online.

I have just downloaded, the but I do not see clearly any sources related to the mfdeploy into the tools directory

Manually I wouldn’t have found it as well when I was lookig for it a while ago, but fortuenatelly there is a Find file tool integrated in any modern OS :wink:

blablabla bla :slight_smile: A well organized guy would have store the mfdeploy tool in the… “tools” directory…

I just came across the same issue myself. I voted it up on CodePlex, but I doubt that will achieve much. Did you get anywhere with your implementation?

No I did not. This is not a critical port of the project . This is in the todo list but I don’t know when I will have time to befocused on this item.