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Generated glitch signal output of MaxO module



I am beginner of NETMF.
During testing the maxO module I found strange glitch signal in output signal as attached image.

I just switched 0x00 and 0x03 to watch changing bits.
The glitch was occurred at end of channel.

Here is the simple source.

        while (true) {

        arr[0] = 0x00;                                

        arr[0] = 0x03;

please advice me how it can solve.



What board are you running on? Can you reliably reproduce that?


Hi. John.

Yes, I tried many times and the similar glitch was generated.
I am using Spider mainboard and maxO.



Can you save one of those traces and send the file to me at john.brochue at ghielectronics dot com

I was not able to reproduce the problem using a Spider. Do you have anything else connected to the maxo on those pins or just the probes? Have you tried a different SPI port, mainboard, and maxo module if you have one?


It was solved after changing different port.

Many thanks for your help.