General question on MAC Addresses found Fez.Spider

I have a question on MAC Addresses found.
The code and Output is shown in the CapMAC.GIF attached

                // "00:21:03:00:00:02" GHI Electronics, LLC
                // "00:21:03:00:00:03" GHI Electronics, LLC
                // "00:23:A7:1D:86:61" Redpine Signals, Inc
                if (useDebug)
                    Debug.Print("GetAllNetworkInterfaces found");
                    int ctr = 0; //Count each thisnetwork array
                    NetworkInterface[] thisnetwork = NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces();
                    foreach (NetworkInterface thisnetworkInterface in thisnetwork)
                        Debug.Print("[" + (ctr++).ToString() + "]" + " TCP/IP address: " + thisnetworkInterface.IPAddress);
                        byte[] mac = thisnetworkInterface.PhysicalAddress;
                        string smac = getMACinHEX(mac);
                        Debug.Print("MAC address: " + smac);
                        string netType = thisnetworkInterface.NetworkInterfaceType.ToString();
                        Debug.Print("netType: " + netType + "  (Unknown = 1, Ethernet = 6, Wireless80211 = 71)");

Using NETMF 4.2
Connected to the Ethernet module is a NETGEAR WNCE2001 Bridge (Wireless)

I’m not sure what device every MAC Addresses belong to.

“00:21:03:00:00:02” GHI Electronics, LLC I know is my Spider

“00:21:03:00:00:03” GHI Electronics, LLC Unsure. Is this the Ethernet_J11D?

“00:23:A7:1D:86:61” Redpine Signals, Inc Unsure. Could this be a device inside the WNCE2001 Bridge ?

Or do all three associate with the code for ( NetworkInterface[] thisnetwork = NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces(); )?

Thanks and have a GREAT day!

The 3 interfaces always found on premium offers are:

  1. internal Ethernet interface: not all devices have it. EMX does. You need to set this MAC properly. What is found by default is good fro testing on internal networks only.
  2. external SPI Ethernet: G120 is a good example. You need to set the Mac. What is found by default is good fro testing on internal networks only.
  3. external SPI WiFi: this is the redpine WiFi module we support. The MAC address is obtained from the WiFi module internally.

As of today these interfaces work simultaneously but only one of them can be mapped to the TCP/IP stack. We may enable them to be all mapped to the stack simultaneously in far future. We actually tested this and it worked but it is a potential for many issues and at this point the goal to to get NETMF 4.2 to be as stable as 4.1 (someone called it perfect)

Thanks for the info