General Purpose Network Command Protocol and Server for NETMF

Just found this on GitHub. Sounds cool. Need to test that as well:

[quote]This project implements a general purpose network-based command/response protocol which can serve as the front end for a variety of device control applications. The primary use-case we had in mind when designing this was for astronomical instrumentation that can be controlled by an ASCOM driver.

The code is structured using object oriented design principles, so that the command protocol can be very easily re-purposed for different projects. The protocol is designed to be human-readable as well as machine-readable.

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So, have you tested this? What is the impression?

@ Architect - Not tested until now. But I have it on my list.

The Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) is a CPU networking protocol utilized in Internet Protocol arrangements to mechanically allocate an IP address to network machines from a pattern server.