General Electronics

OK, I think I’m in a l little sticky situation. I need a flywheel diode in an SOD-128 package that is appropriate for an 8A coil/solenoid. I’ve found this;,115/568-7408-1-ND/2697506

It list’s 5A as “average” But my solenoid runs a 1HZ/1000ms.

It also says that it can handle “non-repetitive” peak forward currents of 70A.

Is 1HZ for a few hours of the day “non repetitive”. DigiKey support told me to try NXP to clarify. But there website isn’t very helpful in providing tech support. Does anyone on the forums have any idea.

Thanks in advance.

BTW. Happy Easter!

Can you use 2 in parallel?

Unfortunately I can’t. Nice thinking of the box though.