Geiger Counter - Radiation Sensor Board for Arduino

I have bought it and got it now.

I am trying to write the driver and application.
I need some helps.
In their tutorial said " If the board is connected to Arduino, the power is taken from the 5V pin. The pulses can be counted using the interruption 0 (digital pin 2)."
Could I connect it to FEZ domino directly?
How can I count the pulses using interrupt ? any sample code for this ?

Thank you very much

Interrupdate are easy, just check out the interrupt info in

Thanks, could I insert the board to FEZ donimo directly?

why not !

You need to make sure the pinmap has complimentary functions. For example, you have to make sure it uses 3v3 or 5v appropriately, and you have to make sure the pin functions will work. I’m not going to do that for you, you will need to understand what pins are actually used and decide yourself. If you are concerned about individual pin functions then report back here what you find and then it’ll be easier for someone to comment.

Thanks, I will report here later.

@ Tzu Hsuan
Please sir I need your help ,I bought the radiation sensor to use it on Fez panda ii .
I put it on the panda yesterday & I didn’t know how to do anything

My question is ,is the sensor really work on Fez boards &if it’s working how do I start with it ?

Ps I’m beginner in the robotics world & in my country there is no one I can ask about these kind of stuff .

Thanks for the help

Hi Alucard211, welcome to the forum !

Can you confirm you got the same shield as @ Tzu Hsuan did? If so, then you just need to detect interrupts on the appropriate pin, as per the wiki page I pointed out earlier. Have you stepped through the getting started guides from the support page ? That will give you a good grounding in the general parts you need to help you start a project like this.

This is the one I bought

I’m almost sure it’s the same , but after I put it on connecting shield I got only the bazzo noise the screen was
Empty there wasn’t even a light in it ,it’s like there was no electricity it & the same thing with the tube !?

As for guide I’m reading & trying the tutorials ,I was doing great until this point ,this is the first time I try
to use something made for arduino .

Thank you so much

ok, I took a little look at the detail behind the shield.

First up, I would be surprised if the shield just needed power to start displaying info on the screen. From the schematic that is online (I can’t vouch for it’s correctness) the LCD control pins go to the waspmote connector only; unless you plug in to that, you’re not going to get any displayed text.

So when you power it up you said the piezo buzzer sounds; that means there’s radiation there, right? It’s directly connected to the output of the tube and counts pulses, so when the piezo buzzes an LED should also flash, and the interrupt pin should trigger. What do you see from your code?

Dear alucard211:
I am sorry, I can’t give you more help than Brett give.
Recently I was moving to other project, so I don’t have time to test it.
But if I have time I will do it and we can discuss it.

Dear Brett, what is the pin number of Fez panda ii and Fez domino corresponding to the board’s interrupt output pin?
I think alucard211 also need it.


Instead of saying that, how about I tell you where you can find it so you know for the future how to solve that problem :slight_smile:

One option is to go to the brochure/flyer for the mainboard in question. For the Panda II that is

On the brochure, those interrupt capable ports are marked with an asterisk.

The other option is to figure it out via enumerations that GHI give you. In a Visual Studio project, make sure you have the GHI reference for your board and the DLL referenced, and make sure you have USING statements for them. Then, in a relevant location for an object, start typing the following.

you should get the InterruptPort declaration started;

and then behold, the dropdown list is all interrupt capable pins defined !

Thank you Brent & Tzu Hsuan
I will look in to it i& report later

Thanks again for the help

Sorry for the miss spelled Brret

what’s funny is you got it wrong the second time too :slight_smile:

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So sorry ^^
Thanks again for the help Brett