Gearing up for TinyCLR 1.0 previews

Almost 2 years ago, we announced our plans to build TinyCLR OS. There has been a lot of excitement and hard work since then. Thanks to the feedback from our community and commercial customers, we have defined and refined our TinyCLR OS plan. If all goes well, the next release will be one of the two planned previews of the final 1.0 release. We want TinyCLR running in commercial products before the end of the year – while keeping in mind our priority of a quality product versus getting it out and into your hands.

In this release, most of the changes happened internally to satisfy two needs: those who want a portable TinyCLR OS and those who need a precompiled commercial-ready release. TinyCLR OS will continue to be free and portable under the Apache 2 license with a set of libraries targeting important embedded functionality. There is virtually no limit on how you could extend TinyCLR OS. Additionally, our Cortex-M System on Modules (SoMs) will have the option to use a precompiled, tested, and commercially supported TinyCLR OS firmware. This firmware will have additional features targeting commercial needs that are licensed royalty-free for commercial and non-commercial use – such as the improved graphics and newly added filesystem found in this release. This gives our customers the option to use TinyCLR OS but keeps the SoM open for other software if desired.

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SD card access! Definitely going to play with that this weekend.


Excellent - I see you have added measure string, draw string within layout rectangle and stretch image

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Very exciting feature Indeed !!!