Gameslate and Amiga!

@ skewworks I will go back and revive FEZ Gameo if you promise me one thing. Your will bring the 80s back, only the games! And must work on all gadgeteer mainboards, including FEZ Cerberus :wink:

I think the biggest problem you are facing is in wasting NETMF on generating audio. With adding propeller chip, you will simply dump your audio file on UART and the rest is done automatically.

As for video, it is great NETMF has very nice graphics support plus we offer VideoOut module too but it maybe a good option to use the propeller chip to handle video as well.

I want to play superfrog again!

If your bring the 80’s back, how about some of the music too, as today’s music is pretty much no talent garbage.

Please don’t… Many things I liked about the '80s. The music is kinda like watching Rocky - great during it’s time but, uh…not so great looking back.

Since we have Linux running on Hydra now, couldn’t you turn GameSlate into a MAME device? Talk about awesome! :smiley: