GameO issue due to user stupidity


I have put the following program on the GameO.


And now this has created a problem. When I now start up GameO unit to load a new program it shuts off before Visual Studio is able to deploy it.

Does anyone know of a way to clear out the memory or suppress the execution of the loaded program.

And yes in hindsight I realize how stupid a test this is but I know myself and this was inevitably.

Thank in advance for any help,

You can erase the app using MFDeploy

You are a GameO saver. Thank you.

MFDeploy might have a problem also…

reinstall the firmware

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Start it in bootloader mode and then reflash it. That will take care of it.

It worked but I just had to keep starting it so MFDeploy could finish.

Thank you both for your help.

You are welcome!