GameDuino or other video controller from a Panda - Is there one known to fly?

I will soon want to display text (in color or not), on a larger display (4", 10" something).

I am looking at LED matrixes as one option.

Another is a simple LCD panel with either RCA style input or VGA input.

Are there any interfaces known to fly with the Panda?

I have found these:


Is one of these known to work, and/or is there something else that is of this ilk?


Gameduino is selling (I actually have one and planning on interfacing it with Fez at some point)

I think there have been people using a TV out module or a MAX7456 chip to display content over a video stream. Another person here, AndrejK, has talked about it in this thread at least.

Personally, the one I would wait for is the VGA output module GHI have been talking about - there’s a thread on this here somewhere too. It looks like an easy way to do what you want - but I can’t remember if it was intended to be used on the smaller devices or not.

I will use whatever looks like an easy path forward. I am not able to port or create a new system…