Game Slate KickStarter Video

What would you like to see in our KickStarter video?

We’ve got the full adventure game done. A level of Tower Defense will be up in a week or so (already made it but it was for the old version and we need to update it for this version). We’ll also be adding support for XBOX360 and PS3 controllers once the Bluetooth module arrives to make it capable of beig a console game too.

So what else would you like to see? I’m trying to determine what we need to show so we can get a great funding run and turn this into a fantastic system for everyone with custom enclosers and all the bells and whistles.

Is there a certain type of game you’d like to see demoed? A key feature you’d want? Let me know!

The thing that makes your product different than a PSP or other similar device is the ease with which others can create their own games. Show off the sexy hardware for a minute then spend the rest of the time showing how easy it is to create the game. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to get someone to spend almost triple what a PSP costs.

You might also think about non-game related applications and show how it might be used for that also to help draw a bigger crowd. Maybe a healthcare app or industrial remote control?

Hm. Yeah that sounds like a plan! Maybe show off adventure game and then tower defense level followed by how I made the level. Maybe show off a bit of launching regular apps since it will have Gadetos’ kernel at its core?

And since it will have BT it would also make an awesome remote for robotics & short range R/C. Maybe you can whip something up to demo that. The more I think about it, this would be a great educational device.

Haha I can possibly do that for you.

Not for me, for you! I’m just trying to help a brother out :wink:

New Game Slate home screen (based on Gadgetos). I’ve reduced the icon size to 32x32 and added anti-aliased text. Icon area can scroll left/right and joystick is fully integrated into the API including auto-repeat events will an automatically reducing delay time.

Should I got 32x32 with text or 48x48 no text?

Diein’ to know what this is? :smiley:

I think I’d keep the text. You would have to be really creative to come up with icons for some of those items for me to know what they were w/o a title.

That ones a secret. If I get an insanely good KickStarter and manage to make Skewworks my day job you might see it by end of summer. Otherwise it’ll be at least 2013

Killin’ me… BTW, have you tried AIDE app for Android? Awesome! VS equivalent would rock!

You just wait and see.

Also I just finished pairing my iPhone w/ GameSlate for the first time. :smiley:

Using the Gadgeteer Bluetooth module? Pairing my Android phone up to my Zombie Cannon is one of my next tasks :slight_smile:

Yup. It was fairly simple. Read the PDF w the module source. Allow 3 seconds for initial startup. And be sure you read in all the data before seeing commands.

Hi Skewworks,
Great to see that you are finally gearing up to the launch…
DO NOT Forget to keep emphasizing on the fact that it is OPEN Source Hardware people love to hear the word open source ;), also don’t give out too much details… try to get them interested in wanting to hear more…

i would keep netmf away from the description… so you don’t limit your crowd from the start (as some may oppose the platform even before knowing what it is)… i would simply say that it is open source period…(Let their imagination work for you :wink: )

good luck.