Game-o bluetooth pins and code example

We got too busy and never did but a quick look at the schematic and the pinot of th3e Bluetooth module you have should reveal all info you my need.

Basically all pins are the same on the two most common Bluetooth modules found on eBay but the couple pins that are wired differently can be fixed through the jumper resistors we have on the board (remove some or add some). A little solder jumper is all you need.

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Hi Guys,

There is somebody selling old GHI’s bluetooth module? I’m looking for 2 parts to upgrade my Fez Game-O to connect through wireless.


A few places sell them.

Look for the HC05 or HC06 models as they work.

Anybody ever publish a code example for BT on the Game-o?

@ Gandarez - The Fez Game-O was constructed to use HC05 or HC06 models (see schematic). The Bluetooth SoC of the GHI Gadgeteer Bluetooth Module has at least a different Firmware and they have different Pins . As far as I know there is no published code example for BT on the Game-o.

So, where can I buy a compatible bluetooth module? I’m looking for something plug’n play. If there’s no way to do it I’ll have to solder a module. My concern is how to solder correctly.

@ Gandarez - you can look at ebay for HC05 and HC06, they are very cheap. But it will not be plug and play. There are some pages in the internet where the comands are discribed. What do you want to connect with the Fez Game-O?

I’d like to conenct two GameOs wirelessly. My idea is to play some games like chess, checkers, card games in general.
In addiction I need one more Game-O because I’ve only one.