Game-o bluetooth pins and code example

Anybody hook up bluetooth to their Game-O? Wondering what pins on the pad need to be soldered. There are some empty spots for resistors (R3-6). Are any of these for the BT module?

Also looking for a simple code example that pairs the device and sends some test data…

[edit] found this pic online…

Hi, here is the schematic of the bluetooth module, perhaps it is helpful

With what kind of device do you want to pair?
To pair with a PC there is an example in my bluetooth driver.

Regards Roland

Thanks Roland. I need to see if this chip supports initiating the pairing, i.e. being the master. I would like to use the Game-O to control various devices with BT. Something like the CerBot would be fun to start with :slight_smile:

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@ ransomhall - Let us know if you get it working. I would like to mod mine as well.

@ ransomhall -
is there a bluetooth module on FEZ Game-O or has it to be soldered by oneself?
The bluetooth chip seems to be the same one (from Seeed) as it is on the GHI bluetooth module. It supports client and master mode. I used it only in client mode to connect to a PC. Usually you need some kind of keyboard and display to enter the pairing pin on the master device, but this should be no problem on the FEZ Game-O

I wonder if module that Justin used will work with Game-O.

RoSchmi - It has to be soldered on. There’s a spot for a HC05 (pic above) on the back of the Game-O. I desoldered one off a BT gadgeteer module that godefroi and I had worked on last year. I have some code that we were testing on a cerberus for slave SPP. Just have to figure out which COM port this is plumbed to.

The GHI gadgeteer BT module does look like the same thing (what’s with that price?)

@ Architect -
I see no reason, why it should not work but perhaps the other module should be easier to connect. Or are there Gadgeteer sockets on the Game-O?
I have one of Justins modules in my box but did not try it yet.
@ rasomhall
did you find this?
Set up connections between two BluetoothBee step by step

On closer inspection, it does look like those resistor pads have traces to the BT pins. Notice I got a little solder on R4.

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@ ransomhall -
Great! But it’s late now here in Germany, bye.

I am just about to do this myself.

If you look at the schematic, only R3 and R4 are needed and they are zero ohm value so you can just link these pads with a bit of fine wire.

R2, R5 and R6 shows as DNP (Do Not Populate) so once R3 and R4 are done, in theory it should work… :slight_smile:

@ Dave McLaughlin -
I don’t think, that you can replace R3 and R4 simply with a wire if you use the chips from the GHI Bluetooth module. The function of the pins depends on the firmware on the module and this seems to be different between the GHI Bluetooth module and HC05 and HC06 modules. (see schematic of GHI bluetooth module and google search with keywords > bluetooth HC05 <

as far as I understand it, Game-O was designed with the HC05/6 in mind. The Gadgeteer BT module uses a different module, not HC05/6, with a much different firmware. I’d be surprised if there’s any need to compare the circuits

@ RoSchmi. The schematic for the Game-O shows the HC05/HC06 and the wire links is because the schematic shows 0 ohm resistors which is the same thing.

There are alternative pins for the BT_KEY and BT_LED but those are shown on the schematic as DNP so I assume that the standard would be R3 and R4.

@ Brett. Looking at the schematic of the Bluetooth Gadgeteer module, it appears to use the same HC05/HC06 device. On that the LED and KEY outputs are used to drive a couple of LED’s so they have 330 ohm resistors. On the Game-O is appears that these pins are fed to the CPU module so that it can interpret the outputs and then the programmer can use these to show on the LCD. This is just my take from reading the schematic and looking at the docs for the HC05.

I can tell you the module physical connections are the same or similar, but the firmware is not. HC05 has a much different command set to the Gadgeteer one, the HC05/6 are cheap low end ones much less capable. I have a handful of them that I’m plotting to try to “upgrade” to the same firmware as the Gadgeteer one but haven’t had any joy (and my enthusiasm has waned :slight_smile: )

It must be down to internal firmware then as the IC number on both appears to be the same. The HC05 and HC06 and different in that the HC05 can be master, whereas the HC06 is slave only and yet the parts look identical so it has to be internal firmware that varies with these?

I think so. I have yet to try to extract a firmware from the HC05/6 but I did build the connector (their software needs a parallel port :slight_smile: )

Any input from GHI on this? Would love to get the skinny on those resistors and some sample code… TIA

We will document this and post here after.

@ Gus -

Sorry to resurrect and old thread but I too am interested in adding a bluetooth module to the game-0. Has any documentation been drafted up yet? Has anybody successfully added the bluetooth module to the gameo?