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Congratulation Thom and Skewworks:

Seen it yesterday. Good work and congratulations!

Looking at comments, I think skewworks now knows how I feel sometimes. You spend months making something amazing then a random person give you the most annoying uneducated comment. Very soon netmf will be more popular and these same people will start using it.

Remember, few years a go you were stupid for using C as you must only write code in assembly :wall:

I must say that I was very reluctant using c# at first.
As I was when introduced to C++ and object programming 15 years ago.
As I was when I started C after doing assembler for several years.

But at least for C#, productivity matters a lot. I am abble to divide by 2 some developpement time, and easy do things that would have been a nightmare, especialy on microcontrolers :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I have the same problem at work when I used the autoit3 language for some quick programs or helpers. Doing in 4 hours something that would have taken a week in another language :think:
My boss is not happy about that. But what ? productivity matters…

And FUN too :smiley:

Congratulations Skeworks for your great work ! :clap:

I think many of the comments are coming from “radical” hackers that would enjoy creating an OS using Assembly or even using logic gates and counters. :D. With this firewall in their minds, I don’t believe that they would welcome any innovation no matter what it is. But it is always useful to read between the lines, you may find some important information to improve the product. :wink:

Final advice, do not try to brutally defend your ideas with them. You will lose. You know Galileo’s story when he tried to prove that the earth circles around the sun.

Come on Gus… Are you implying that Galileo was right?


To some free/open source is a religion. Like any other form religion it is fine until taken to the point where some becoming zealots/radicals. Once in this mindset all logic is thrown out the window and blind, thoughtless devotion ensues. To prove yourself correct and validate your beliefs you have to lash out at those with different ideas.

Like my grandpa said (who was a very devote guy): “People have different ideas, they talk about them, argue about them, fight about them and even go to war over them. When it is all said and done people have different ideas.”

Nope we can’t change the mind of the anti-MS, anti-Windows crowd any more than Galileo could change the mind of the folks who disagreed with his ideas at the time.

(Now if I could only think of a political analogy :slight_smile: )

No mike galelio was wrong!

Btw, that was joe not me

What is sad is that some of these people would not even try or care about the product. Too many false prophets.

@ Gus:

While it’s possible that we might win some converts, I’m not sure whether I think that’s a good goal. I think the best way to win is for us to have fun, build awesome projects, and enjoy the productivity that comes with working with .NET MF. If others want to use other tools, I don’t see a need to debate with them or forcefully convert them.

It’s an unkind comparison, but these kinds of debates always remind me of one of my favorite sayings:

“Never try to wrestle with a pig. You only get muddy, and the pig enjoys it.”

Let’s stay clean. :slight_smile:

PS - to be clear, Gus, not implying that you are suggesting forceful conversion. Just referring more generally to the comment thread as well.

Thanks for the comments and support guys! ;D

There will always be nay sayers; have been since Pyxis One which was fully open, in C++ and even had it’s own compiler. This line of products (being free) will never be a source of revenue for me, so I’m not out to make the whole world happy. But as long as I enjoy making it and someone enjoys using it the Pyxis tradition will continue.

Thanks again!

Forget the haters. Let them hassle around with more complex stuff while we can use your awesome products!

I am glad you are here skew, you mean a lot to the NETMF community. :clap: