Gadgetos for ALL!

The first Gadgetos beta is now available and it will run in the emulator…everyone can use it!

The beta includes full source for the desktop, several drivers, and a file finder application.

All your docs & examples get loaded up in your MyDocuments.

Wowww, simply Wowww

thanks for sharing…

Already downloaded it yesterday.
Will try to check it out today.

Thanks skewworks!

Hope you enjoy it guys, remember it’s a beta so if you find anything please feel free to post here, my forum, or email me directly. :slight_smile:

Still to come:

  1. More Apps
  2. GameSlate Beta
  3. Gadgetos GUI separate from Gadgetos (like Spiral)

Nice one

Congrats on making it to “Hack a Day”!

Nice! Didn’t even realize I was back on Hack A Day. ;D

Not great comments so far but I’m guessing they’re pretty much non NETMFers, and I did expect a little flack for closing the kernel but that’s because we have a new point system in the works and having the source would make it too easy to cheat and get free stuff.


Of course, if it’s not OSS and running on Arduino then it’s not worthy of Hack-a-Day praises…

I think OSS is BS!

I would rather have closed software that works.

I wonder how many of these OSS zealots actually change the source code.

@ Mike

18 months since Pyxis 2 Alpha: 0 outside changes
26 months since Pyxis 1 Prod: 0 outside changes

Not that you have a point or anything :smiley:

[quote]18 months since Pyxis 2 Alpha: 0 outside changes
26 months since Pyxis 1 Prod: 0 outside changes[/quote]

On the flip side (closed source)… How many problems have you reported to GHI this year that have been fixed promptly?


(OSS) How many contributions have been made already by this community to Hydra?

OSS is great. However, you usually have to really have a big problem before anyone will take the time to help out with it.

@ Skewworks You shouldn’t have built bug-free software. You might have had more contributions :clap:

GadgetOS also works pretty well on a Spider (cuzican).

That was one of the design goals.