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.Gadgeteer with shield arduino?


is there any board that makes them. Gadgeteering be compatible with Arduino shields?


Search the catalog for medusa

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I think he is looking for doing things the other way around gus…


A Gadgeteer module with pin layout for Arduino shields would have been awsome.

GHI: you should make such module ;D


A Gadgeteer module with an Arduino shield format is not a Gadgeteer module!

Is this not a better idea?


@ Mike - beeing able to use Arduino shields quick and easy without soldering is not a bad idea at all… Having a co-processor like the IO60 module with the pinout connected like an Arduino and a nice programming interface in C# is a winner. Could be used from a single SPI socket or similar.


@ danibjor - a Cerbuino board accepts Arduino shields. What is wrong with it?


Drivers and libraries :slight_smile:


Cerbuino? Duinoproto?


@ Gus - DuinoProto is 90% there


FEZ Cerbuino is missing the power of Raptor and such mainboards. A module version makes you able to get Raptor power and option to hook up 2-3 Arduino modules


You can start here: